Window cleaner HCR-05A

Smart path planning / Safe remote control / Imitation artificial wipe / Multiple protection / Bass noise reduction

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Functional characteristics

Functional characteristics

1) Multiple security guarantees
Vacuum adsorption/automatic obstacle avoidance ,power-off protection/20kg suction,don’t fall off,automatic detection compensation adsorption force,real-time monitoring pressure conditions.
2)Intelligent obstacle avoidance,the window handle is easy.
Feel the window environment at any time,automatically recognize obstacles ahead ,cleverly avoid to continue cleaning.
3)Really plan window cleaning
Fast calculation,Faster route planning ,super data processing,easy to deal with the environment.
4)Constand pressure floating,close to the glass window cleaning
Cloths close to the surface,decontamination strong,thickness just ,does not affect the speed of action.
5)Intelligent path planning
Self-planning Z or N path,comprehensive coverage,less will remember where to go back to where,clean the windows automatically back to the starting point,more convenient to take.
6)Rope comprehensive protection
It must be fitted with a safety rope before the machine can start to work and make sure nothing is wrong.
7)Silence and low noise
The noise is as low as 59db(A),far below the national standard ,required value66db(A).



1)Cleaning speed: 3 minutes per Square meters
2)Cleaning mode: 3 different mode
3)Product size: 250*250*80MM (L*W*H)
4)Voltage/Power: DC24V/80W AC100~240V
5)Detect window frame: AUTO
6)warter tank
7)Anti-falling Control: UPS electrical storage device/ safty rope
8)Control mode: Infrared remote control
9)Noise 65dB
11)G.weight:2.5 KG
12)Box size:335*225*125 mm
13)Standard accessories: Dry clean cloth *1,Wet clean cloth *1, remote control *1, safety rope *1,adapter *1, instruction manual*1