Intelligent floor cleaner XD-K9

Powerful Suction / Low Noise / Self-Cleaning Function / Digital Display / Lightweight & Cordless

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Functional characteristics

Functional characteristics

1)Vacuum & Wash at the Same Time

Save time by washing and vacuuming your floors at the same time. Effectively clean wet and dry messes, leaving floors instantly dry and streak-free.

2)Multi-surface Cleaning

Effectively cleans all types of indoor sealed floors, such as tile, vinyl, sealed wood floor, laminate, linoleum, marble and more.

3)Cleans and Dries Instantly

It features a powerful brush roller that cleans messes better than traditional mops, and leave floors instantly dry and streak-free.

4)Powerful Suction

Featuring a powerful 220W brushless digital motor, the strong suction cleans tough, sticky messes with ease.

5)Low Noise Operation

Clean quietly without disturbing your family and pets. This is designed for ultra-quiet operation. It features a low noise, brushless digital motor and uses unique materials that reduce noise.

6)Easy Hands-free Self-clean

Never touch a dirty roller again. Easily activate self-cleaning function with one-click button. The machine auto-cleans the brush roller and tubes with fresh water and detergent, leaving the machine clean and ready to use again.

7)Digital Display

Get helpful info from the interface digital display. It shows the battery level, blockages indicators, power status and more, allowing you to check the real-time working status.

8)Cordless & Maneuverable

Forget the frustration of moving buckets, cords, mops and heavy vacuums while you clean. lightweight, cordless body allows you to move freely. Easily maneuver up and down stairs and into every corner for complete clean in the tight space.

9)Multi-functional Docking Station

Stay organized, tidy and convenient charging. The compact and convenient docking station stores and charges the device, and self-cleans as long as you put the device on it, leaving no mess or residue on floors.



1)Rated power :220W

2)Rated voltage: 21.6VDC

3)Battery capacity : 4000mAh Lion

4)Running Time :60 Mins

5)Charging Time :4±0.5 hrs


7)CWT Capacity :0.6L

8)DWT Capacity : 0.5L

9)Product size: 260*260*1200mm

10)Product weight: 4.5KG

11)Packing list:Bush roller;HEPA filter;3-in-1brush;Deodorizing & Sanitizing Solution;Charging base