Floor scrubber XD-1-1

Powerful vacuum suction system /180 degree rotation floor brush / Portable water tank / Foldable armrest

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Functional characteristics

Functional characteristics

1)180 degree rotating brush plate,It can be cleaned forwards and backwards, and the handrail can be adjusted to effectively clean the corners, the bottom of the furniture and small spaces etc..
2)The 380mm large-diameter chassis, the cleaning efficiency of 1270 square meters per hour, the stable body, and the strong power can effectively meet your efficient cleaning needs.
3)Small size, convenient storage, foldable Handrail, greatly saving storage space, can be placed horizontally or vertically



1)Product size (mm): 810 (L) ×480(W) × 1000 (H)
2) Battery: 24V 40AH
3)Clean water tank volume: 13L
4) Wastewater tank volume: 12L
5)Washing width: 48cm
6)Cleaning efficiency: up to 1272m²/h
7) Charging time: 4-5h
8) Working time: 2.5h
9) Rated power: 550W
10) Scrubbing motor: 250W
11) Water suction motor: 300W
12) Brush pressure: 27KG
13) Noise: 65db