Cordless vacuum cleanerVC-10

Vacuuming and mopping combination / Cordless design / Smart LED display screen / Multistage cyclone separation system / Large capacity dust bucket

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Functional characteristics

Functional characteristics

1)Vacuuming and mopping combination,meet different floor cleaning requirements.

2)With ergonomic handle, comfortable for holding and operating.

3)Cordless design,you can clean everywhere without tangling.

4)Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with strong endurance and long service life, much more practical.

5)Multistage cyclone separation system

6)Filtering function,Stainless steel fine mesh filtering design is convenient for daily use.

7)Large capacity dust bucket,Can meet the needs of super-large area cleaning, convenient for daily use.
1)Please do not use the machine outside or in wet places. Do not grasp the machine with wet hands.
2)When using, keep hair, clothes, fingers and all body parts away from the suction and movable parts to avoid being sucked or tangled.
3)It is not allowed to be used as a toy. When using the machine, please pay special attention to safety if there are children on the side.
4)Please turn off the machine power when connecting or changing accessories.
5)Do not put any large objects into the vacuum suction mouth, do not make the suction mouth blocked.



1)Product size :1040*240*211mm

2)Net weight:1.5kg

3)Rated power:200W


5)Li-ion battery:2600mAh

6)Working time:50min/14min


8)Charging time:4-5h



11)Filtration:Cyclone+Cotton Filter(H13)