Automatic hand cleaner AK-D103

Infrared sensing / Room temperature monitoring / Long battery life / Large capacity

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Functional characteristics

Functional characteristics

1) Infrared induction, zero contact, carer for health
Infrared induction of hand washing liquid non-contact, prevent bacteral cross infection wash hands zero durden.

2) LED display with blindless
Room temperature detection, switch statuses and remaining charge statuses, unforgettable.

3) Extreme storage for long duration
There is a large capacity space for lotion in the body, so there is no need to add lotion frequently.

4)Long battery life
Applying type-C charging ,built-in 1500mAh battery,super long life farewell to frequent charging.durable and safe.

5) Two body colors and three liquid outlet modes to meet your different needs
The product has a white and blue body to choose from, and has three liquid outlet modes, namely spray, gel, and foam, which can meet your different needs.



1) Product name: Automatic hand cleaner

2) Type: Liquid / Foam / Spray

3) Power: 3W



6)Operation mode:Infrared induction

7)Measuring distance:0-70mm

8) Installation: Desktop

9) Capability: 1L

10) Shell Material: ABS+PC

11) Color:White/Blue

12) Bottle: Refillable

13) Battery capacity: 1500mAh

14) Product Dimension: 110*112*232mm


16) Applicable environment: home, hospital, hotel, etc