Automatic hand cleaner AK-25PRO

Infrared induction / Quantitative liquid discharge / Dual power supply / Touch switch / Temperature measurement

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Functional characteristics

Functional characteristics

1)Infrared induction,Smart start and stop,No need to touch

Using infrared induction technology, no need to touch, dispensing liquid when the hand arrives, and immediately stops when leaves,Effectively avoid cross-infection of bacteria during use.

2)Dual power supply design, lasting power

Using dual power supply design, portable dry battery power supply or DC socket power supply can be used, flexible choice, no wiring trouble, convenient and safe.

3)Quantitative output liquid,No leakage

1ml of liquid is discharged each time, 100000 times of professional test without leakage, saving the consumption of disinfectant and reducing the cost of disinfection.

4)Automatic temperature measurement and disinfection,effectively avoid cross infection

Align the temperature measuring probe and the liquid outlet with the palm of your hand to detect the temperature and automatically sterilize the liquid

5)Automatic alarm function

When the measured body temperature exceeds the preset alarm temperature,the device will issue an alarm to remind the surrounding people.



1)Product name: Automatic hand cleaner

2)Type:Wall mounted

3)Weight: 0.45KG

4)  Capability: 700 ml

5)Shell Material:ABS

6) Color:White


8)Product Dimension:170*110*100mm

9)Carton Meas:570*355*375mm



12)Power: battery/plug in


14)Support DC power:Yes

15)Applicable environment: home, hospital, hotel, supermarket, etc