Automatic hand cleaner AK-16

Infrared induction / Adjustable liquid output / Dual power supply / 1300ML capacity / Ultra-thin body / Design of the visual window / Two installation methods

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Functional characteristics

Functional characteristics

1)Infrared induction,Smart start and stop,No need to touch

Using infrared induction technology, no need to touch, dispensing liquid when the hand arrives, and immediately stops when leaves,Effectively avoid cross-infection of bacteria during use.

2)Dual power supply design, lasting power

Using dual power supply design, portable dry battery power supply or DC socket power supply can be used, flexible choice, no wiring trouble, convenient and safe.

3)Large-capacity liner,Replacement is more convenient

Independent liner, convenient to add disinfecting hand sanitizer or other soap liquid, 1300ML capacity, calculated according to 0.8-1ML per discharge, one filling is available for about 1500 times.

4)Adjustable liquid output

Four kinds of liquid volume adjustment function design, free choice, to meet the needs of different environments and people

5)Humanized design

Ultra-thin body, the thin part of the body is as thin as 5.3CM, the design of the visual window allows you to know the remaining amount of soap liquid at any time.

6)Ultra-low noise

The design of the liquid output using the machine compression pump,Ultra-low noise, bring people comfort.

7)Two installation methods

It can be placed or wall-mounted, easy to install,meet the needs of different environments.



1)Product name: Automatic hand cleaner

2)Type:Wall mounted/Desktop placement

3)Weight: 0.80kg

4)  Capability: 1300 ml(liquid/foam);700ml(spray)

5)Shell Material:ABS

6) Color:White/Black


8)Product Dimension:230*230*100mm

9)Carton Meas:590*488*500mm



12)Power: Battery/Plug in


14)Support DC power:Yes

15)Applicable environment: home, hospital, hotel, supermarket, etc